Balance your business, family, and self-care in 3 simple steps.

Get access to my free task management plan designed to help moms like you make money for your family within the small pockets of time you have.

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What’s inside:

1. Learn to consistently forecast your work week hours.

2. Make a weekly work schedule that addresses your family needs as well as your work and self-care needs.

3. Confidently move your projects and goals forward.

4. Learn how to roll with unexpected curve balls.

5. You’ll be ready to implement your plan the very next week!

“Taking the time to gain clarity around my tasks was powerful! I now have a master list of chores, a list of daily business tasks, and I refreshed my daily homeschool checklist.”

~Christy Thomas, Play 4 Life Moms

If you’re ready to find the time you need to make the money you desire in your business, grab my “Time & Task Management Toolkit.”