Words From My Tribe

I’ve worked with some amazing moms and women that are juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship without over-committment, over-functioning, and overwhelm. When we come together, we empower one another to allow our gifts to shine in the world, make money, and give ourselves permission to take good care of ourselves while we do it.

Here are some of their words.


Dominique Young, Faith Mamas


Nickie Snyder

The Things She Does Podcast

“My personal biggest win was really drilling down on who my ideal client is and how to find her. Deanna is AWESOME!!!!”


Donna Johnson

Caretaker Support Mentor

“Deanna has helped me let go of my perfectionism tendencies in order to actually take action in my business and move it forward at a pace that isn’t overwhelming.

Along with getting my self-care back on track, working with Deanna has helped me complete a module for my first ecourse, and it didn’t take up all of my time to do it - I still have a life!”