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 Fuzzy Socks
Business Meetup


 Bring your fall blanket and favorite pair of cozy socks.

Refreshed Moms presents a warm and fuzzy business event for mompreneurs.

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I’m Deanna Mason, Creator of Refreshed Moms where I create experiences for moms to start and grow a business in a refreshing, balanced way.

If you...

  • Long to get from behind your computer screen and connect with real-and-in-person women.

  • Need a morning break from the kids and home demands in order to make space for thinking about your business in a deeper way.

  • Desperately need to disconnect your brain from the busy long enough to put some creative thought into your business for 2020.

  • Have been looking for a way to network with other local business moms.

  • Would enjoy finding a community where you can ask honest questions about your business.

  • Are always down for a cup of coffee and a cupcake.

Then I invite you to come vibe with me and The Refreshed Moms Community so you can:

  • Disconnect from your busyness and relax to the cadences of live acoustic tones.

  • Soothe your senses with fragrant candles.

  • Connect and network with loving moms that are sharing your business journey.

  • Get focused on the next right steps for you and your business for the upcoming year.

  • Move past any mental blocks that may be keeping you from realizing your goals.

  • And did I mention, drink all the coffee, and eat all the cupcakes?

 Take a deep business breath…

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Fuzzy Socks Business Meetup

Thursday, November 14

9am - 1pm



Downtown East Point

2781 Main Street, East Point, GA 30344


What you’ll experience:

Inspiring Mom Boss Energy - Take the opportunity to lovingly connect, meet, greet, and network with business moms sharing this unique journey with you.

Hour 1: Complete a Business Clarity Assessment where you’ll take inventory of your current time management, work-life integration, monetization and marketing plan in order to highlight areas for focused intention in the upcoming year.

Hour 2: A “B R E A T H E” & Mindfulness Opportunity - Set to live acoustic melodies, this time is designed to help you slow your mind down in order to prayerfully meditate, journal, and document areas of creativity in your business (based off of your assessment), and identify the next right steps to take in 2020.

You’ll also have a chance to chat about your goals within a co-creativity work group.

Hour 3: Work with a Mindset and Self-Care Mentor - After you’ve gotten clearer on your next steps, our event Mindset & Self-Care Mentor will help you identify success roadblocks, and nail down strategies to overcome them.

Hour 4: Targeted Question & Answer Coaching - We’ll end our time together with an opportunity for Q & A around your business goals - I want you to leave both held, heard, and supported.

BONUS: Fun Photo Shoot Option - Want a chance to take playful, branded head shots and photos with an expert photographer? Well, you got it! Just choose the ”Photo Shoot” option when you register.

Tasty Eats & Treats provided, featuring Kupcakerie’s delectable signature cupcakes, a light breakfast spread, coffee and teas.

Lunch is not included, but a limited menu is available on location, and more options are quickly accessible in walking distance.

Your “Fuzzy Socks”

Experience Creators


Deanna Mason

Business Coach & Mentor, Event Host, and creator of refreshing business growth experiences.


Jamgirl Bliss

Professional Creative Muse, Guitarist and Musician


Faith Broussard Cade

Self-Care & Mindset Strategist, Mental Health Therapist, and Affirming Self-Love Notes Expert


Naima Carter Russell

Playful Branding Photographer, Actress, and Creator of “It’s the Drama Mama”

Step away from the busy of your home and invest in yourself and your business.

I promise you, you will leave

R E F R E S H E D.