Episode 3: What To Do When You Hear, "I Can't Afford You."

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As an entrepreneur, pricing your products and services in a way that meets your needs as well as your customer’s is important.

But what do you do when you’ve set your price, and you still hear the phrase, “I can’t afford you.” or “You’re too expensive.” from a potential consumer?

If you have a product or service priced anywhere from $300 and up, you’ve probably already heard this before. AND… you may have been tempted to lower your price in order to snag the sale.

Before you go slashing value for a few bucks, I’ve got some tips that may help you not only charge what you desire to charge, but make your customers happy as well.

In this episode of Coffee Chats with Deanna, I’m sharing four ways I’ve been able to serve my coaching clients in a way that helps the “breathe” while accessing my services and support.

And, it helps me breathe as well.


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