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Grow your revenue by creating an engaged Instagram community

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Have you ever wondered…

If your time and effort on Instagram was actually paying off?

Have you ever promoted a product or service on IG and felt like you were talking to crickets?

Did you launch your business confident that your products were amazing, but now wonder why it seems like your followers don’t understand how great they really are?

Now imagine…


Discovering your perfect followers.

Finding your dream customers.

Increasing your post engagement.

And improving your images just by using your phone and a few props.

I’m here to tell you it’s possible, and this challenge is designed to show you how within reach it really is.

Take the “Brand my Gram” Challenge

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7 simple lessons on how to create an Instagram account that is magnetic to your dream customers.

Lesson 1:

Clarify Your Goals

Lesson 2:

Clarify Your Branding

Lesson 3:

Map Out Your Message

Lesson 4:

Photo Inspiration & Prop Gathering

Lesson 5:

Photo Shoot & Editing

Lesson 6:

Captioning for Engagement & Scheduling

Lesson 7:

Finding Your Ideal Followers


Clean up Your Bio

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“As a result of working through the lessons, my followers increased by approximately 50 people in one week, and I increased my post engagement.

I now feel more confident on IG, and know that I’ve developed a stronger brand presence. I didn't realize how much I actually needed it until I did it.

I recommend this challenge because it is completely worth it.”

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Sierra Z., @srzhring

“My favorite aspects of the challenge were the step-by-step lessons, It was very well organized and low pressure.

I now know I’m on the right path with leveraging Instagram. I definitely recommend others to take the challenge - it is completely worth your time and effort.

Deanna is a rock star and really cares about helping people achieve their goals.”

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Vanessa W., @wrightathomeschool

A little about me…


 I’m Deanna Mason, creator of Refreshed Moms, a company that helps new boss moms start and grow their businesses without sacrificing their family and self-care.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 10 years, and I know what it feels like to build an engaged community from scratch.

When I started my business, in May 2018, I had a little over 500 followers on my personal Instagram account. They were a compilation of family, friends, and acquaintances I made over the years.

Very few of them were my dream customer.

After 6 months of business, I grew my account by 3,000 ideal followers!

Almost 100% of my paid private clients found me initially on Instagram, and within my first three months of opening my doors, I was making a profit and over four figures in coaching revenue - all from spending just a little bit of time improving my skills on Instagram.

Who is the challenge for?

This challenge is for the new boss mom who:

  • Is just starting out on Instagram.

  • Desires to learn more about how to use Instagram to create revenue.

  • Desires to create regular engagement around their Instagram posts.

  • Desires to grow their reach by increasing their followers on Instagram.

  • Desires to find the exact right followers for their business.

  • Desires to create community with their followers.

  • Desires to serve their followers well.

This challenge is not for:

  • Someone looking to make money quickly.

  • Someone who believes that growing their follower numbers is more important than service.

  • Someone who wants a cookie-cutter approach to leveraging Instagram.


Q: Will I be able to grow my followers if I take this challenge?

A: As in anything, your results will depend on the time and effort you put into working through and executing the challenge materials. Nothing is guaranteed, but I believe if you employ the lessons, you will see your follower count begin to grow.

Q: Does the challenge take a lot of time?

A: I designed each lesson to be consumed quickly and take no more than 5 - 10 minutes to complete. Allow for a little more time to work through any accompanying worksheets.

Q: How fast will I be able to increase my revenue?

A: Everyone begins the challenge at different levels of skill and business development. The ability to generate revenue is not solely tied to executing the challenge, but, working through the lessons will definitely speed things up!


My Guarantee

If you work through all of the challenge lessons and do not see any signs of improvement on your Instagram account within 14 days of your purchase, I will refund your purchase completely.