I'm Dreaming of a White-SPACE Christmas

white space christmas.PNG

We’re dreaming of a white...space… Christmas!

Anybody else out there want to approach the next six weeks of your life with a lot less busy and a lot more slow down?

This season, for me, is always a time to reflect on the past year, reset for another 12 months, and REST.

Rest, for me, translates to being less busy than I usually am so I can be more available to:

✔️Have conversations that have been put off way too long with people I love - including gathering in person with friends and family who have busy schedules like ours - and catch up!
✔️Engage in thoughtful gift giving. 
✔️Read books and watch movies just for fun. 
✔️Consider, quietly and patiently, what it is God is speaking to me for the upcoming year. 
✔️Unplugging from the normal routines of work, homeschooling, and home management.

But all too often, if not careful, I’ll quickly replace the time I desire to dedicate to a slower pace with hustle, bustle, and vain activities that steal my available margin for the things that matter a bit more.

You can achieve a white space Christmas.

The key here, however is knowing yourself & your family: what gives joy, what brings stress, what your limits are.

Be realistic here - this is where the discovery of white space begins.

White Space Creation Tips:

  • Set boundaries on your time and your money. Here’s what Kelly says about this:

“For my family, it is no more than one “outing” per weekend - and definitely no double booking unless we absolutely have to. It also means being very intentional on how we spend, be it for gifts, decorations, special meals, or outings.”

  • Discuss with your spouse/family what the boundaries around your season will be - boundaries around spending, gift giving, and time commitments/allowances for activities.

  • Communicate clearly to loved ones and extended family: say your YES with passion, say your NO with holiday gentleness - and NO GUILT.

We can’t all have a literal white Christmas (ahem, and some of us may actually not want one), but everyone who desires to celebrate the season in peace can achieve a White SPACE Christmas!

Listen in as Kelly and I chat about what this means to us. You may pick up a few ideas for yourself as well.

And, grab our Holiday Hacks Download for more ideas on how to create a more intentional and meaningful holiday season.