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Finding Time to Make the Money You Want

Is life leaving you feeling less than refreshed? The stress of trying to get everything done is the #1 issue Deanna hears from coaching clients and the Refreshed Moms community. How do we carve out time so that we can approach our daily and weekly routines with confidence and clarity?

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How To Create A Simple Weekly Workflow

One of the biggest errors we make when entering into entrepreneurship is failure to accurately calculate the cost of running and supporting our business. One of the things I often say is, “If they’ve never tried to do this with children playing LEGOS under their desk, then we’re not on the same playing field.”

Moms building a business with kiddos still living in the home is not a small feat. We gotta respect the season ladies. So figuring out how to flow and align ourselves with the our life and home rhythms is KEY. It’s vital in order to make this thing work.

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5 Ways to Stop Doing Too Much

There are signs and red flags 🚩 flapping everywhere before we hit that brick wall, yet something inside of us wants to just try to suck it up and push through it - it being the overwhelm and exhaustion.

Oh my goodness. The madness must stop. I promise you I wanna make t-shirts that say “Burn out is NOT an option.” Cause it’s not.

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I'm Dreaming of a White-SPACE Christmas

Anybody else out there want to approach the holiday season with a lot less busy and a lot more slow down?

This season, for me, is always a time to reflect on the past year, reset for another 12 months, and REST.

But all too often, if not careful, I’ll quickly replace the time I desire to dedicate to a slower pace with hustle, bustle, and vain activities that steal my available margin for the things that matter a bit more.

You can achieve a white space Christmas.

The key here, however is knowing yourself & your family well enough to know: what gives joy, what brings stress, and what your limits are.

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The 5 Things I Quit Doing in Order to Be Free & Get Stuff Done

What are the things you are currently doing in your life that are slowly chipping away at your joy?

What can you quit in order to achieve more emotional health in your life?

We're sharing some of the things we've quit in our lives in order to make room for more life-giving pursuits as well as to create more emotional health.

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Creating Your Own Self-Care Toolbox

When we identify our self-care go to’s, figuring out what things actually work for us when we are trying to create boundaries around our priorities as well as rest and refresh consistently and rhythmically - creating a comfortable and manageable cadence with our normal life demands - we become equipped to keep exhaustion and overwhelm to a minimum.

It doesn’t take a lot to build your very own self-care arsenal. Maybe you’ll pick up some ideas as you listen to to our chat.

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4 Things to Focus On in Your New Business

Have you ever spent a few hours working - seemingly hard - and when you were finished, you didn’t really know what you’d accomplished?

Or, have you ever felt a bit scattered in your thinking when trying to figure out what you should be working on in the first place?

In this blog, I want spend some time helping you:

  • Identify the priorities for your business

  • Outline tasks to support those priorities

  • Create a measurable plan that you can execute week after week in order to move your business forward.

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4 Steps to Creating a Regular Refreshing Self-Care Plan

I’ve heard the phrase, “self-care is a luxury” over and over again in my questionnaires and polls with the moms I serve. And I get it. Life, family, and business brings with it so many outside demands for our time, our skills, our emotions, our abilities, we don’t readily see the margin available in our schedule to fit in times to take care of ourselves.

But here’s what I submit to you: If we don’t figure out how to make ourselves a priority, we are setting ourselves up to eventually crash and burn. We can’t be who our family and business needs us to be if we are not well.

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Self-Care in Business: Podcast with The Things She Does

I’m chatting it up with Nickie Snyder of The Things She Does on her jamming podcast for women who courageously pursue their passions. We talk a bit about my personal backstory and a little about how and why Refreshed Moms was launched.

I also share a few of my "favorite self-care things" and life hacks!

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