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How Getting Naked Helped My Business: My trip to a Korean spa

This past weekend I tried something new - something I’d been contemplating doing for a long time.

I went to a Korean Spa.

If you don’t know anything about Korean Spas, let me educate you on one of the biggest features it offers.

Gender-specific nude areas.


There is a section of the spa that you must be nude in order to even get inside.

This is the area where they offer their full-body massages, body scrubs, saunas, soaking tubs, and basically all the good stuff people go to spas for.

So, let me take you on my journey at the Korean spa, and share with you how my experience there completely and forever changed my business.

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How to Create Work Boundaries With Your Kids

If you’re a mom that works from home while your children are present, then you are extremely familiar with the juggling act that accompanies any effort to get your tasks done in a reasonable amount of time.

As much as we try to pull our husbands in to help direct kid traffic (“Honey, PLEASE keep the kids out of my office for just one hour… I’m begging you!”), our crafty little cubs know how to stealthily bypass daddy radar with the skills of an escape room artist - they still find their way to us no matter what.

In this FB LIVE conversation, I connect with Vanessa Wright of @wrightathomeschool to talk about some of our struggles and successes creating work boundaries with our children.

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How to Take a Real Break

Some of us may have gotten this whole “taking a break” thing a bit wrong.

Are you taking a break for real?
Are you really resting?
Do you always feel like you need to take another break... after your scheduled break?

I remember scheduling a RELOCATION during one of my “breaks.” Ask me how rested I felt afterwards? #nope

We boss moms have gotten some things confused here. We’ve gotten really good at scheduling the things we never seem to have time to tackle in or normal routine over our “downtime.”

My dears, my dears. We’ve gotta stop. it. And Kelly and I want to help you do so.

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How Your Emotional Wellness Impacts Your Business

I’m legit broadcasting live in my pajamas here, cause when I tell ya I’m wiped... Stick. A. Fork. In. Me. #iamdone

I don’t really know why I think it’s OK to do a live when I’m in this mental space, but Kelly and I figured transparency and authenticity would work for us, yeah?

So, in all of my authenticity and vulnerability, I’m going to be chatting about:
✔️My current living situation (and how I feel about it - there may be tears folks).
✔️My recent carbon monoxide poisoning.
✔️The current pressure my family is under.
✔️And how it has all impacted how I do business - cause it all does doesn’t it?

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Getting Comfortable With Your Own Self-Care

What in the world is self-care anyway?

I mean, are we talking candle-lit bubble baths here? Sitting with our feet up while dipping luscious red strawberries in creamy dark chocolate? Body massages with fragrant essential oils…?

Honestly, I can EASILY get with all. of. that. And, for some of us, those types of things may be part of our self-care strategy.

But that’s not really what I’m getting at when talking about self-care. It’s really so, so much more, and we as women and mothers are not doing a slam-dunk job of this for ourselves.

...which is why we’re talking about it.

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4 Things to Focus On in Your New Business

Have you ever spent a few hours working - seemingly hard - and when you were finished, you didn’t really know what you’d accomplished?

Or, have you ever felt a bit scattered in your thinking when trying to figure out what you should be working on in the first place?

In this blog, I want spend some time helping you:

  • Identify the priorities for your business

  • Outline tasks to support those priorities

  • Create a measurable plan that you can execute week after week in order to move your business forward.

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Mompreneurs: How to Overcome New Business Overwhelm

I completely understand and relate to the feeling of overwhelm starting a new business brings. Sometimes we begin to second guess our ability to pull it off, especially while our kids are still home.

I also know from personal experience that if we step back a bit and take a breath (or two or three), there is wisdom to this madness we call mompreneurship.

Yes, there is tons to do, and there will always be tons to do.

So, once we embrace the fact that our to-do list isn’t going to get any shorter, the next thing to do is figure out some sort of strategy to manage our workload so we can eventually scale our business and handle more. More time to create. More clients. More money. More opportunities to serve others well.

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4 Steps to Creating a Regular Refreshing Self-Care Plan

I’ve heard the phrase, “self-care is a luxury” over and over again in my questionnaires and polls with the moms I serve. And I get it. Life, family, and business brings with it so many outside demands for our time, our skills, our emotions, our abilities, we don’t readily see the margin available in our schedule to fit in times to take care of ourselves.

But here’s what I submit to you: If we don’t figure out how to make ourselves a priority, we are setting ourselves up to eventually crash and burn. We can’t be who our family and business needs us to be if we are not well.

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How to Communicate Your Self-Care Needs to Your Husband

Let’s face it. If we don't understand what we need to refill our cup, it is quite unfair to expect our husbands to know what we need. We've gotta give them a break, right?

Once, however, we gain understanding we can clearly communicate to our husbands in a way that incorporates them into our plan. And, it also empowers them to help us take good care of ourselves.

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Self-Care in Business: Podcast with The Things She Does

I’m chatting it up with Nickie Snyder of The Things She Does on her jamming podcast for women who courageously pursue their passions. We talk a bit about my personal backstory and a little about how and why Refreshed Moms was launched.

I also share a few of my "favorite self-care things" and life hacks!

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