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How to Take a Real Break

Some of us may have gotten this whole “taking a break” thing a bit wrong.

Are you taking a break for real?
Are you really resting?
Do you always feel like you need to take another break... after your scheduled break?

I remember scheduling a RELOCATION during one of my “breaks.” Ask me how rested I felt afterwards? #nope

We boss moms have gotten some things confused here. We’ve gotten really good at scheduling the things we never seem to have time to tackle in or normal routine over our “downtime.”

My dears, my dears. We’ve gotta stop. it. And Kelly and I want to help you do so.

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How Your Emotional Wellness Impacts Your Business

I’m legit broadcasting live in my pajamas here, cause when I tell ya I’m wiped... Stick. A. Fork. In. Me. #iamdone

I don’t really know why I think it’s OK to do a live when I’m in this mental space, but Kelly and I figured transparency and authenticity would work for us, yeah?

So, in all of my authenticity and vulnerability, I’m going to be chatting about:
✔️My current living situation (and how I feel about it - there may be tears folks).
✔️My recent carbon monoxide poisoning.
✔️The current pressure my family is under.
✔️And how it has all impacted how I do business - cause it all does doesn’t it?

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I'm Dreaming of a White-SPACE Christmas

Anybody else out there want to approach the holiday season with a lot less busy and a lot more slow down?

This season, for me, is always a time to reflect on the past year, reset for another 12 months, and REST.

But all too often, if not careful, I’ll quickly replace the time I desire to dedicate to a slower pace with hustle, bustle, and vain activities that steal my available margin for the things that matter a bit more.

You can achieve a white space Christmas.

The key here, however is knowing yourself & your family well enough to know: what gives joy, what brings stress, and what your limits are.

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How to Find and Create Healthy Community

Listen, we have all struggled with the idea of community, because most of us have had unhealthy or disappointing experiences with people - and sometimes our issues stem from us having an incorrect definition of what real community even is in the first place.

We are here today to tell you that community doesn’t have to look like an idea from your childhood or something you see on TV. Community can serve you when you feel depleted, and it can be a beautiful outgrowth of your service when you are operating from a healthy place.

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The 5 Things I Quit Doing in Order to Be Free & Get Stuff Done

What are the things you are currently doing in your life that are slowly chipping away at your joy?

What can you quit in order to achieve more emotional health in your life?

We're sharing some of the things we've quit in our lives in order to make room for more life-giving pursuits as well as to create more emotional health.

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Creating Your Own Self-Care Toolbox

When we identify our self-care go to’s, figuring out what things actually work for us when we are trying to create boundaries around our priorities as well as rest and refresh consistently and rhythmically - creating a comfortable and manageable cadence with our normal life demands - we become equipped to keep exhaustion and overwhelm to a minimum.

It doesn’t take a lot to build your very own self-care arsenal. Maybe you’ll pick up some ideas as you listen to to our chat.

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Mom Self-Care: A Newborn Sleep Survival Guide

A gift for my boss moms out there with new babies OR babies that are not sleeping through the night quite yet.

Martha Lewis, Sleep Consultant with is guest blogging tips that helped her when her son was a newborn. She’s also adding some tips to help with your baby’s sleep. Because if baby ain’t sleeping, momma ain’t sleeping. And lack of sleep makes an unhappy mama. And we all know what happens when momma ain’t happy!

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Self-Care is Different for Everyone

If you struggle with giving yourself permission to take care of yourself, pause right here.

In this The Refreshed Life episode, we’re discussing what we believe are some misconceptions around what self-care is (at least what it is to us), and attempt to add value to this whole idea of loving yourself well, without feeling self-indulgent or quite possibly un-Christlike (for my fellow faith people out there).

Our desire is for you to include God in your self-care plan, not exclude Him. We believe He desires the same.

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Getting Comfortable With Your Own Self-Care

What in the world is self-care anyway?

I mean, are we talking candle-lit bubble baths here? Sitting with our feet up while dipping luscious red strawberries in creamy dark chocolate? Body massages with fragrant essential oils…?

Honestly, I can EASILY get with all. of. that. And, for some of us, those types of things may be part of our self-care strategy.

But that’s not really what I’m getting at when talking about self-care. It’s really so, so much more, and we as women and mothers are not doing a slam-dunk job of this for ourselves.

...which is why we’re talking about it.

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