How To Create A Simple Weekly Workflow

One of the biggest errors we make when entering into entrepreneurship is the failure to accurately calculate the cost of running and supporting our business.

If we’ve never done it before, then it makes sense that we don’t really know what to expect.

Listening to some of our male mentors about what it takes to start and grow a business can also (possibly) take us down the road of over-commitment.

One of the things I often say is,

“If they’ve never tried to do this with children playing LEGOS under their desk, then we’re not on the same playing field.”

Moms building a business with kiddos still living in the home is not a small feat

We gotta respect the season ladies.

Behind the comparisons

As women and moms, we tend to often struggle with the affliction of comparison.

  • “Her house looks better than mine.”

  • “She looks more put together than me.”

  • “He’s gotten farther along in his business than I have.”

What we fail to consider is the truth behind the comparisons:

  • Maybe her house looks better because she did a mad cleaning before your visit to conceal the clutter that exists every other day of the week.

  • Perhaps her stylish outward appearance is the only area of togetherness that she can muster today.

  • Maybe he doesn’t have the challenge of running his business while also managing a household with small children at home.

In trying to keep up appearances, we can - we will -  run ourselves ragged.

Listening to some of our male mentors about what it takes to start and grow a business can also (possibly) take us down the road of over-function.

Respect the season

When my husband Eddie goes to work, he’s able to commit to 8 hours of focused effort to it with very little distraction from home.

When I work, I have to do stuff like pause to help my kid empty the litter box (right before pressing GO LIVE on FB), end a client session for a 70-minute commute to get my son from school, have deep conversations about gay marriage, whether or not cussing is acceptable language, and bullying - all on the drive home from that commute (on any. given. day.), then hop back on a call for a coaching session, team meeting, or mastermind co-working.

When Eddie gets home, the deepest question my kids ask him is “Can I download RoBlox?”

Y’all... we’re playing with a different deck of cards here. No comparison and I’m not minimizing the work of others that don’t juggle kids during the work day,


We have to embrace this season of mothering ladies. We’ve got unique obstacles and challenges to troubleshoot.

We don’t need to fight the rhythms of our lives, but instead to learn how to work within and around them… integrate them.

In this Refreshed Moms Group LIVE replay, I help you take a closer look at what may seem like an endless list of commitments in your life. I share the importance of forecasting your workweek and how to skillfully make room for all of your priorities. Every single one. By doing this, you’ll begin to feel control of your present work and normal day-to-day life to-do’s, and confidently plan for the ones in your future.

Time to take control

It can feel overwhelming to begin to manage what for so long has felt unmanageable. I work closely with my clients to support them through the process of finding the flow that works for their lives and their work. By identifying your responsibilities, priorities, and desires, you’ll begin to take control of what you want for your businesses and find your unique rhythm.

You don’t have to do it alone. I’m here for you. Can we do this together?

My 3-Step Process

Step #1: Identify Your daily/weekly regular administrative tasks.

These are things like a weekly FB live, your blog, a weekly email, social media posts, updating your website, client work, responding to emails - whatever tasks happen week after week, write them down so you know what business tasks are needed in order to keep your business going, and eventually you’ll start taking note of what items you’d like to eventually delegate when you’re ready to bring on team members.

Step #2: Identify your current projects and goals for your business.

These can be larger or small. Think about things like setting up your email list, setting up a FB Group, fine-tuning your online sales parties, improving your client onboarding process, completing an ebook, or even something larger like creating a course, coaching program, planning for a live event or a podcast launch.

Write down your current list of projects. Then, see if you can put them in priority order. So, number any of your top priorities as 1;s, secondary priorities as 2’s, and third-level priorities as 3’s.

Now, choose one of your top priority goals and brainstorm all of the tasks associated with pulling that thing off - at least all of the tasks you are aware of.

Then, figure out how much time it’s going to take you to do each task (5 minutes, 30 minutes, 3 hours, etc.), and just jot your estimated time next to each one.

I personally like to focus on one project at a time and continue to work on it until completion before starting on the next project -  keeps me a whole lot more sane.

So now, what you should have is:

  • A list of all of your weekly non-negotiable tasks.

  • A list of your projects and goals.

  • A list of all the tasks associated with your priority projects and goals with an estimated time of completion next to each task.

Now, you’re ready for step #3.

Step #3: Forecast your work week.

I use a Google spreadsheet to do this, but you can use a paper planner - whatever works for you.

If you’d like a copy of the spreadsheet I created, here’s a link to download it:

Weekly Workflow Planner Spreadsheet

So, the first thing I do in the spreadsheet is enter in all of my time commitments for the week - this includes work commitments like meetings, coaching sessions, children’s activities, etc.

This gives me a snapshot of what my week looks like and shows me how much white space I actually have to work on my business.

Weekly Workflow Planner #1.png

Once all of my commitments are entered in, I use the white space left to insert the actual hours I plan to work on both weekly administrative tasks as well as the tasks identified with my priority goal/projects. This is where I switch from working in my business to working on my business - actually moving things forward.

I go back to that spreadsheet and add in the hours that I plan to work in half-hour increments of .5.


My spreadsheet also tallies those hours for me so I know how many hours I’m committing to working that week.

You can tally these up by hand as well if you’re working with a paper planner.

As you can see in this picture, I have identified 9.5 hours in my week for working on my business.

Weekly Workflow Planner #3.png

Now that I know how much time I have, I can assign my tasks accordingly.

If my week shows I have 9.5 hours of work, I only work those 9.5 hours. What doesn’t get done just gets pushed to the next week, where I start the process all over again.

The benefits of forecasting
Hopefully, approaching your workweek this way will allow you to:

  • Recognize what feels like too much for your schedule, for your family, for your self-care, for your health, and for your sanity.

  • Make an adjustments on the fly when needed.

  • Give you a sense of control of your work, knowing that you’re actually moving things forward even if you don’t have a massive amount of time to work.

Watch my FB Live replay below.

I go a bit deeper on these concepts in this FB Live Replay from The Refreshed Moms FB Community.. Listen in as we work through step-by-step how to create order out of the chaos of your life. There is time for your family, your business, and yourself, and I’ll tell you how to get there.
You’ll learn:

✔️How to identify your daily/weekly regular administrative tasks and why this is a crucial step in taking control of your time.

✔️Why naming and prioritizing your current goals for your business is important--and possible.

✔️How to forecast your work week to know what’s ahead of you and give yourself the flexibility to react to the constant surprises that are present in our lives.

Watch it now.