Finding Time to Make the Money You Want

Is life leaving you feeling less than refreshed? The stress of trying to get everything done is the #1 issue Deanna hears from coaching clients and the Refreshed Moms community. How do we carve out time so that we can approach our daily and weekly routines with confidence and clarity?

As a mama who needs her sanity back, this episode was right on time. After a winter of unrelenting sickness due to a 1-year old daughter who is new to daycare and snow days every other week, I’ve been stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of working insane hours to get my projects done and simply figuring that this is what life looked like as a mom of two young kids running a business.

I was burned out, yet couldn’t even define the problem. I just kept doing, like a zombie.

Something had to give.

I was too tired to read all of the suggested articles on time management. So I listened. I heard Deanna and Kelly talk about their approach and suddenly everything clicked. If I don’t have a clear picture of the time I have available and the goals I want to achieve, then what am I doing?

This is the first week where I’ve created a schedule and, to be honest, the act of getting it all of my head was therapeutic. Things aren’t yet where I want them to be, but I feel like my week is more manageable. Because it is.

I’ve actually stopped to think about what needs to be accomplished and when, and what needs to happen to get there. And assigned a time to do it, rather than having the nagging worry at the back of my mind about how it could possibly get done.

It really is that simple.

I would love if you’d take this journey with me.

Because we all deserve to live a refreshed life.

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In this episode, Deanna and Kelly discuss Deanna’s step-by-step time management system that will bring sanity to your life, even with all of the unexpected twists and turns in a mompreneur’s life. With the tools shared here, you will create a life-giving workflow that will bring new intention, focus, and inspiration to your business.

Listen now.

“Mom, Find Your Time!” Challenge

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