How to Create a Fantastic Freebie (Lead Magnet)

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There are four areas that I believe moms just starting out in online business should focus on and they are the following:

  • Content creation - creating the things - both free and paid - that you are getting out to your ideal audience on a regular basis
  • Engagement - connecting in a meaningful way with your ideal audience on a regular basis
  • Your reach - increasing your exposure to new ideal clients on a regular basis
  • Monetization - making money (on a regular basis)!

If you were ever wondering what your work week should be filled with, activities from all four of these areas are exactly where you want to be as you work to grow your business.

This particular blog topic can, however, both directly and indirectly impact all four of these areas. So, taking some time to get really good at this is very, very important.

Are you ready to talk about how you can create a fantastic freebie to grow your business? Well let's go!

What is a freebie?

A freebie. Opt-in. Lead Magnet.

These names all used interchangably out there in the online business world.

A freebie is something you offer to your ideal client for free in exchange for their email.

They get something valuable to help them in their life, you get their email in order to continue the conversation.

Why do you need a freebie for your business?

I believe every business needs freebies in order to help your audience learn about who you are and what you can offer them. It’s a simple and quick way to show off your expertise just a bit.

Your freebie is also tool to help you create relational equity with your audience, taking someone from being cold, to warm, to ultimately becoming a purchaser somewhere down the line.

And your freebies will help you grow your #1 business asset - your email list.

The anatomy of a freebie

  1. Your freebie (I’m sending a prize to anyone that can tell me how many times the word “freebie” appears in this article) should have a purpose, and it doesn’t always have to be to sell something. You may create a freebie just to grow your email list. Or, you may use one in preparation for launching a new product or service. The point is, you want to know why you are creating it and what it’s designed to do to help your business.

  2. Your freebie should be actionable - offering a quick win. Ideally, were not talking about downloading a lengthy ebook or video series that will take a person more than one sit down to complete. You want it to be something that they can consume and implement fairly quickly - or at least understand how to implement quickly.

  3. Your freebie should be valuable. One of the best ways to know if you are offering enough value within your freebie is by asking yourself, “Would I pay for something like this?” If the answer is yes, then you probably have a good freebie on your hands.

  4. Your freebie should be connected to whatever it is you want to eventually sell, or to whatever the next step is for them to take with you. If you are planning to sell an ebook, your freebie might be a cheat sheet connected to a chapter in the ebook. Or maybe you just want them to join your Facebook group. Your freebie could be something directly related to the content within your group.

Simple freebie ideas for new businesses

If you go to some of your favorite blogs or websites, you will probably see a wide range of freebie offers.

But, because you are just getting things started in your business, I suggest keeping things really simple. Consider focusing on creating a freebie that falls into one of these categories:

  • A cheat sheet/valuable tips/recipes/life hacks
  • A checklist
  • A worksheet
  • A discount code (for my online shop people)
  • A short video training… add value by pairing it with any of the first three things listed
  • An audio download… add value by pairing it with any of the first three things listed

All of those options should be fairly simple to pull together without taking a ton of time.

I found a quick and simple video on creating a pdf in Canva, which is a tool that I love to use when I’m doing my own graphics. You can watch it below.

Freebie examples

I wanted to leave you with a few opt-in examples from some sites I frequent here and there. Maybe you can get a few ideas from the options below.

This first one is from Chrystal Evans Hurst, author of "She's Still There" and podcaster at Chrystal's Chronicles. This is what she has going on on her site:



I'm a paleo fan, and here's what's going on on


If you've ever downloaded an app from your favorite store, what's the first thing they ask you for when you create your account? Yup. Your email address.

Michael's and I get down on the regular with their weekly coupons. Did you notice the promo code for their new bulk order service? Take notes my friends. If you have an online store, this is an easy way to engage with your customers and add them to your list.


And here is one of my Refreshed Moms freebies designed to help new boss moms avoid some early business pitfalls as they try to balance home and work demands while keeping self-care a priority.

So now that you are set and ready to go create your fantastic freebie, can you share it with me? What's your freebie idea for your business? If you already have one, can you add a link to it in the comments below so I can check it out?