How Your Emotional Wellness Impacts Your Business

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Thanksgiving break might have been a little amazing and a whole lot relaxing. Or it might have brought a whole bunch of chaos and stress.

I’m legit broadcasting live in my pajamas here, cause when I tell ya I’m wiped... Stick. A. Fork. In. Me. #iamdone

I don’t really know why I think it’s OK to do a live when I’m in this mental space, but Kelly and I figured transparency and authenticity would work for us, yeah?

So, in all of my authenticity and vulnerability, I’m going to be chatting about:
✔️My current living situation (and how I feel about it - there may be tears folks).
✔️My recent carbon monoxide poisoning.
✔️The current pressure my family is under.
✔️And how it has all impacted how I do business - cause it all does doesn’t it?

What do we always say? Know yourself. Know your rhythms. Maybe there are seasons - actual seasons, not the metaphorical ones, when you have less to give, or need to give in different areas than usual.

For me, both the months of December and March bring a need to chill and revive from my homeschooling routine.

For Kelly, December brings the need for coziness, February brings the blues, and May brings the crazies.

Knowing this, we are able extend ourselves some much needed grace, since we already know grace is exactly what will be needed (in abundant amounts) in the months our cups tend to not be overflowing.

So, in The Refreshed Life Show, Episode #14, we are going to have a little conversation about arriving at this knowledge, how my current emotionally challenging life season is carrying over to my business, what I’m doing about it, and how we are helping each other navigate life along the way.

It’s kinda messy and unfiltered, but it’s my truth.

Watch Episode #14 below and share your thoughts with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.