5 Lessons Every New Mompreneur Should Know
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Keep first things first...

... by avoiding these common new boss mom mistakes.

New Boss Mom!

This lesson series was created especially for you!

Starting and running a business is never easy. 

And if you're like me and have added in the extra crazy of homeschooling at the same time, things can get out of focus really fast.

At least that's my experience.

I ran a faith-based non-profit for eight years from my home, and all of those years (with the exception of one really off-the-chain year when I ended up sending my children to school - more on that in the lessons) I had children at home with me... all day long.

My challenges included:

  • Loss of focus
  • Tremendous opportunities for distraction
  • Mommy guilt for days
  • Lack of consistency in my homeschool
  • Probably zero attempts at consistent self-care

I just didn't have the the strategies in place to do business and homeschool well, let alone parenting and marriage-ing.

This course is designed to highlight some of the mistakes I made when I was a new entrepreneur, and the goal is to give you a gigantic heads up before you head down my path of exhaustion and burn-out.

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I hope they are tremendously helpful to you and that you find great value in applying the things you learn.

Be refreshed sweet mom!

~Deanna, Refreshed Moms