4 Things to Focus On in Your New Business

4 Things to Focus On to Grow Your New Business

Have you ever spent a few hours working - seemingly hard - and when you were finished, you didn’t really know what you’d accomplished?

Or, have you ever felt a bit scattered in your thinking when trying to figure out what you should be working on in the first place?

Well, I know I’ve definitely been there. I mean, I knew I needed to be working on something, but spent many days (weeks, months) wondering if the things I was working on were actually the things I should be spending my time doing.

As a result of my perpetual confusion, close to nothing in my business moved forward with any consistency. I spent a lot of time on activities that were not producing measurable results… because I didn’t even really know what results to measure!

In my article How to Create a Fantastic Freebie, I talk about how your freebie… lead magnet… opt-in… is directly tied into the most important areas I believe we should be be focusing on when our business is new.

So, in this blog, I want spend some time discussing what those areas are (in a bit more detail) in order to help you:

  • Identify the priorities for your business

  • Outline tasks to support those priorities

  • Create a measurable plan that you can execute week after week in order to move your business forward.



The 4 Things to Focus On in Your New Business

1. Content Creation - this include both free and paid content.

Free content: These are the things you create for your ideal customers on a regular basis… for free. This is the stuff you use to build trust and establish your expertise.

These could be things like a blog, a video show, a weekly email/newsletter, or a Facebook community where you show up on a regular basis.

This will be (at least) one area where you are providing content for your customers to allow them to learn more about who you are and what you do, and they can depend on receiving your free stuff at the same time (generally speaking) every week or month.

Paid content: This is just what it says - the content, products, and/or services you create that you charge people for.

2. Regular Engagement - This is your efforts to consistently engage with your ideal clients. This could be on your social media platforms, blog comments, direct messages, emails, questions asked by your followers.

You want to decide in what ways you can provide consistent engagement with the people that are showing up around the content you are putting out there.

3. Your Reach - These are your efforts to continually expand your reach to your ideal customer.

This can include things like growing your email list, adding social media followers, speaking engagements, collaborating with other businesses in order to access their audience, SEO (search engine optimization), and targeted paid.

4. Monetization

Last but definitely not least, this includes your efforts to convert your warm audience into purchasers, which is exactly what we all want to do in order to actually have a profitable business.

In my opinion, becoming ninja skillful in these four areas will help your business grow consistently and tremendously over time. With this list, you can now focus your efforts, your intentional learning, your tasks, and your workflow in a way that allows you to identify your priorities, assign targeted tasks, and measure your success as you go.

So tell me, after reading this, did any of the fog clear for you? Do you have a bit more clarity about what you spend your time doing in your work week?

Let me know how you approach creating a consistent workflow every week for your business. I'd love to hear it! Just leave me a comment below, or ask me a question if you have one.