My "New" Chucks: Simplicity over "Things"

Chucks IG Post.jpg

My “new” Chucks.

New to me at least.

I was out thrifting a couple of weeks ago and ran across these puppies. Exactly my size and only $5.

They already looked worn and broken in (Chucks can be funny-acting when bought new), and I knew that they were about to become my everyday shoe... wearing with every. single. thing.

$5 of pure comfort and joy.

No matter where I grow in business, and I just sense in my heart that I’m really going to grow... let’s just throw that on out there so my words can be working for me... I don’t ever want to cross over into greater materialism and the desire for more and more things.

I actually want to keep going in the opposite direction.

We have two cash cars, a cash house, and clothes that I wear on repeat. Literally like the same few pieces every single day.

I have a few simple items that are tossed around me in strategic areas of the house that just breathe life and peace into my soul.

We eat well but simply, our fun is simple. We just love being with each other in our little habitat.

Let my business grow, grow, grow Lord. Let me help thousands of new boss moms and serve them well.

But let my heart always look for the $5 Chucks. Come along for the ride with me on the Refreshed Moms IG.

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