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 It’s time for your business, family, and self-care to all finally BALANCE.

2019 - 2020 Session is closed for enrollment.

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Would you like to create a work-life rhythm that builds your income while protecting your family priorities & self-care?

  • Do you desire to stay at home with your children while contributing financially to your family budget?

  • Is crafting a business that fits your life - instead of a life that is subject to your business - important to you?

  • Have you been doing business alone and now need a network of other moms around you to exchange ideas with and call on for support?

  • If you were able to earn a paycheck doing meaningful work from home in part-time hours, would you jump at the chance?

  • Do you need to create a business where there’s more money and less stress?

  • Are you passionate and ready for your work to have the impact you know it can have in the lives of the people you desire to serve?

How would it feel to:

  • Be able to scale your business at a pace that matches your current mom season?

  • Have a tribe of moms to confide in and lean on while you grow your business?

  • Earn money while simultaneously releasing the pressure of earning money fast so you can relax into your unique business-building journey?

  • Finally move your business idea from a passion project to a revenue-generating offer?

  • Know how to manage your family, business, and self-care needs without being overwhelmed?

  • Make the money you desire to make within the time you have to make it?

  • Create your dream schedule and calendar - and actually LIVE it?

  • Start prioritizing business activities that result in growth and revenue generation?


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 The Balanced Life Business Mastermind for Moms

Where moms come together to grow the business they desire within the time they have to do it.

The Balanced Life Mastermind is a beautiful group of entrepreneur moms that support each other for 9 months in order to build their businesses, grow their revenue, hold each other accountable, and lift up each other’s dreams of earning income from home while still having the time to love their children, family, and self well.


This mastermind experience includes:

  • A 9-month business and productivity mastermind program.

  • Access to my video course The Monetizing Mom: 6 Steps to Start Making Money in Your Business.

  • Mentorship Teaching Sessions from other successful business moms and entrepreneurs that want to help you shine and lift your voice.

  • Accountability, honest feedback, critique, and support from your fellow boss mom masterminders.

  • Office Hours Coaching Sessions where you can ask specific questions about your business and work-life balance.

  • Co-working opportunities to knock out focused work with your fellow mastermind mom biz buddies.

  • Your very own Licensed Therapist and Self-Care Manager to meet with every single month.

  • Mindset sessions to help you grow and create the thinking needed to step into your greatness and surrender to your unique process and journey.

The Balanced Life Method

The Balanced Life Coaching Method is comprised of three components:

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Component #1: Time Management - Let’s face it, managing our time well is “a thing.” Creating habits, rituals, and effective approaches to fitting it all in is vital to our mom season and our business growth. This mastermind is designed to support you in creating your own unique strategy to doing and having it all.

Component #2: Work-Life Integration - Figuring out how all of our life pieces fit together is the secret sauce to boss momming from home. In this mastermind, we’ll work on setting boundaries, effective communication with our family, delegation skills, and knowing when it’s time to outsource help in order to pull off the balanced life.

Component #3: Business Strategy - Creating income and earning a paycheck is an important part of our fulfillment as entrepreneurs, even when doing passionate work. The Balanced Life Mastermind is committed to supporting your income goals, and creating a plan to generate your first six-figure year.

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“As a musician and single woman that’s 100% responsible for my income, I truly needed a winning formula that would not only allow me to "survive" with music, but to BUILD WEALTH.

While working with Deanna, I was able to create a plan that will most certainly enable me to be solidly in the black financially and build wealth. I never would've thought of this possibility on my own.”

~Jennifer Bliss, Musician, Vocalist and Guitar Instructor


“Do yourself, your family, and your business a favor - work with Deanna! You will be challenged, encouraged, held accountable, and have all the right pieces in place to be successful!”

~Keli Reese, Ministry in Mothering


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Deanna Mason

Creator of Refreshed Moms

As a mom of a baby and toddler in 2008, Deanna began Examples Family Resources, a non-profit dedicated to providing support services to moms and teens. Over the eight years of operation, Examples Family reached thousands of mothers and families through their programming.

Through her nonprofit, Deanna hosted mom small groups, developed children’s programming, school workshops, youth events, annual conferences serving 200+ attendees, and coaching support for moms and other leaders of children and youth.

Along with family support programming, Deanna created and self-published TRU Teen Magazine, a print magazine for girls distributed in the U.S. and Canada, which sold on the shelves of retailers like Hastings Books & Music and Barnes & Noble.

She holds a BA degree in Marketing from Georgia State University, and has freelanced as a marketing consultant for small businesses, successfully replacing her previous full-time income in order to become a work-from-home mom.

When it became time to enroll her oldest child into school, Deanna and her husband Eddie made a joint decision to pursue homeschooling. Although incredibly rewarding, her homeschool journey has had its ups and downs. Dividing her time between school and running a business was definitely challenging.

Now, after homeschooling for nine years, she has created the lifestyle, systems, self-care strategy and margin to be able to run a business in the fringe hours of her day while giving her family the love and attention they deserve.


Meet Your Mentors

Your mastermind mentors will focus on a specific area of The Balanced Life Method, sharing from their expertise and business experience in order to support you in your business goals.


Deanna Mason

Your Business & Mindset Mentor

Deanna Mason is the founder of Refreshed Moms and co-host of The Refreshed Life Podcast, where she helps entrepreneur moms make the money they desire within the little time they have.

Through masterminds, one-on-one coaching, live meetups, retreats, virtual training products and online events, Deanna helps women create their own productivity, time management, and marketing strategy to launch, grow, and sustain a business while incorporating the tools they need to manage and prioritize their family and self-care.

Find Deanna on IG @refreshedmoms.


Jadah Sellner

Jadah Sellner is a best-selling author, the host of the Lead with Love™ podcast, and international keynote and TEDx speaker helping redefine the way we work, lead and love.

As a serial entrepreneur, online community growth strategist and business mentor, Jadah dedicates her time consulting companies and personal brands to build communities with love, service, and impact. Learn more at and follow on social media @jadahsellner

(You may also know her from her work as co-founder and co-author of Simple Green Smoothies, which has been featured in Oprah's O Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and CBS’s The Doctors TV Show.)


Jennifer Covington

Jennifer Covington is a life coach and business strategist that helps women - correction, QUEENS - launch and grow their own soul-centered business.

You know you have an amazing service or offer and you're ready to share it with the world. The best way to attract strangers and turn them into your new favorite dream clients is to craft and write a stellar sales page. In this mastermind, Jennifer is going to walk you step-by-step through the entire process of creating an authentic and high-converting sales page from start to finish. We'll talk design elements, copy, and most importantly how to sprinkle some personality and soul into your new sales page! .


Claudia Cometa

Claudia Cometa, host of the Minding Wellness Podcast, worked as a clinical pharmacist for over a decade and now focuses her time as a Wellness Coach and Advocate, helping her clients find clarity in their health and wellness journey.

As a mom and business owner, she understands the tendency of other moms to give from a state of depletion and her passion is to help others learn self-care practices that will allow them to pour from an overflowing cup.


Kathlyn Hart

Kathlyn Hart, creator of Be Brave, Get Paid and host of The Kathlyn Hart Show is a financial empowerment coach and motivational speaker who helps women earn more. From negotiating a higher salary to negotiating higher business deals, Kathlyn helps women to learn the art of the ask so that they can confidently stand in their power and be paid the income they deserve.

Headshot 2018_smaller.jpeg

Ellie Thomas

Ellie Thomas is a Holistic Nutritionist and the host of the Well Women Radio Podcast. In her programs, coaching, and on her podcast, she helps women balance their bodies naturally to live the lives they have always imagined.

Whether your goal is to show up consistently for your family or to feel energized and clear minded enough to run a successful business, Ellie teaches the power of understanding, tapping in, honoring, and nourishing the female body as an essential piece to living out your full potential.

Joshua and Enrika.jpg

Joshua Noonan & Enrika Greathouse

Joshua Noonan & Enrika Greathouse are the husband and wife founders of Small Gorilla, a creative marketing agency who helps entrepreneurs use the power of storytelling to increase their revenue and reach online.

Their combined knowledge and expertise spans from working as Director of Marketing for a multimillion-dollar company to freelancing and consulting with notable brands such as, Variety, Stitch-fix, Laura Bell Bundy, Rebuilding Together, & Princess Cruises amongst others.  They reside in Los Angeles, CA where they love to hang out with friends and family.


Faith Broussard Cade

Your Self-Care Manager

Faith Broussard Cade of Fleur de Lis Speaks is a mental health therapist and mom whose life-changing car accident transformed her outlook on her self-care and her business. Faith turned her own daily affirmations - written on handmade paper - into an Instagram phenomenon, followed by over 25 thousand people and shared by the likes of Viola Davis, Katie Couric, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Shondra Rhimes.

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“Deanna gave me permission to build my business in a healthy way, and to actually do entrepreneurship like a mom.”

~Dominique Young, Faith Mamas

The Balanced Life Mastermind is perfect for:

  • Moms that have a young business or one that has not yet generated revenue over $100,000 annually.

  • Moms that have a clear business idea but just need help getting their business off the ground.

  • Moms that have a desire to work alongside other moms as they grow their business.

  • Moms that are willing to show up and support other women in their work.

  • Moms that are looking for a safe, non-competitive environment to develop and grow in an honest way.

  • Moms that are in a season where they have the time, energy, initiative, and willingness to invest into growing their business.

  • Moms ready to be held accountable while they are being lovingly challenged and supported.

This opportunity may not be a good fit for:

  • Moms who prefer working solo instead of in a group setting.

  • Moms that are not in a season where they can invest into their business in a consistent way.

  • Moms that are in the process of considering entrepreneurship, but have yet to commit to it.

  • Moms that are making over six figures in revenue from their business.

  • Moms that are not currently looking to building any part of their business online.


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Q. Why is the mastermind 9 months?

A. After working with entrepreneurs in various coaching scenarios, I’ve found that it takes some time to help them build traction with their business goals. Nine months allows for that time as well as allows for deeper and more intimate relationship building within the community.

Q. What kind of business is this mastermind a good match for?

A. Any entrepreneur that desires to build their business using online resources and strategies is perfect for my coaching and this mastermind.

Q. What if I can’t attend every session?

A. No worries at all. Although attending as many sessions as possible contributes to creating deeper relationships and faster momentum, every session will be recorded and available within 48 hours for replay at your convenience. Find your own rhythm, and plug in accordingly.

Q. Is this mastermind a good match for me if I have a baby/toddler?

A. Refreshed Moms was created to hold space for mompreneurs that have small children in the home. I’ve designed my coaching approach especially for moms that are integrating children into their business life.

Q. Will I be able to increase my revenue by being a part of this mastermind?

A. As always, your business success is dependent upon your own skill level, ability to be coached, learning, and personal effort. Although there are no guarantees, I am confident that your business will grow as a result of your work within the mastermind.


“Deanna has made it possible for me to move my business from an idea to a reality.”

~Dawn Covin, MomEmatch

It’s not impossible for you to balance it all.

You can make the money you desire within the time you have, and the Balanced Life Business Mastermind for Moms is committed to support you as you do it.

Application is due by Friday, August 30.

Complete your application by clicking below.