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Creating experiences for moms to start & grow a new business in a refreshing , balanced way.


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1-on-1 Coaching

You’re a perfect fit to coach with me if you don’t have a ton of time to work on your business during the week, but need to create a clear path to revenue and profitability within the hours you do have available. Working with me will bring clarity, and we’ll outline the priority action steps necessary to create the workflow and systems you need to earn the money you desire.


Balanced Life Mastermind

The Balanced Life Business Mastermind is a beautiful group of entrepreneur moms that support each other for 9 months in order to build their businesses, grow their revenue, hold each other accountable, and lift up each other’s dreams of earning income from home while still having the time to love their children, family, and self well.

Join My Online Community

The Refreshed Moms FB Community works to support mompreneurs with their productivity, task-management, and self-care. It’s a space I’ve dedicated to “moms in the trenches” of motherhood and business building. Find the support you need along your journey, and make a friend or two that just may change your life.

The Refreshed Life Podcast

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The Refreshed Life Podcast

We’re doing away with work—life balance and easing into the more realistic approach of successful work-life integration. Join my co-host Kelly and I as we talk about all things self-care, emotional wellness, healthy relationships, and how all of it impacts how we show up to boss mom.




Deanna Mason is the co-host of The Refreshed Life Podcast and Founder of Refreshed Moms, where she creates experiences for moms to start and grow a business in a refreshing, balanced way.

Through masterminds, one-on-one coaching, live meetups, retreats, and courses, Deanna helps women create their own productivity, time management, and marketing strategy to launch, grow, and sustain a business while incorporating the tools they need to manage and prioritize their family and self-care. 


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